Unique Lanyards in partnership with Lesar

Seashore Diving are experts in personalised and plain lanyards for divers. These lanyards are great for the safety of the diver as they can carry things like watches and other breathing equipment that can then keep the diver having constant reliable information that can then be used to help them make the correct judgement calls whilst in a dive. We have worked with a lanyard specialist called Lesar to create a bespoke lanyard that takes into account all the different environments involved in the diving.

Diver using his lanyard under water

The Lanyards Design

For example we have designed the lanyard to be fluorescent colours and also lanyards with integrated small lights that can flash when an alarm is triggered. This alarm can be activated a number of different ways from very sophisticated devices such as heart monitors extra that can then be used talk to all the team that are diving at the time including the boat on the surface waiting for them. These lanyards may sound expensive but they are not too bad as you would of thought as we have worked closely with lanyard specialist Lesar UK to provide some of the best prices in the market as well as being able to stock them at there warehouses meaning that the cost of production and stocking is low for us.

Testing the lanyards

We do all the testing in our diving centre. This allows us to be assured in the bespoke customised lanyards we are developing for our divers. How do we test our lanyards? We do this in a number of different ways one main way is by testing the lanyard in different pool environments like pools with temperatures below certain temperatures to match different sea climates. This allows us to clearly see that the lanyards flashing lights work or if the technology that is attached to the lanyard still works.

We can also within our testing and training pools able to create environments such as different wave and current settings to ensure that the lanyards stay attached to the diver at all times. This would be the ultimate fail if the neck strap in the end somehow came off the diver. Therefore being able to work closely with suppliers we have formed some great relationships that have helped us to find a material that actually sticks to the divers swim suit almost like a magnet. This means we can stay very secure and then it doesn’t move to much and is at no risk of leaving the person and therefore it sinking to the bottom of the sea.

Do you want customised lanyards?

If you need customised lanyards or would like to use our testing facilities then please call us via the details on our contact us page or fill in the form on the contact page.