About Us

Seashore Diving are the number one providers of Lanyards for the niche of divers. We literally create and drive some of the biggest innovation in the diving and lanyard industry that will help many divers be safer when they are out on trips.

We are flexible and can work with many different people to help create bespoke lanyards for you. We use a very reputable company called Lesar to create the lanyard after we have approved the design and concept. After we have approved the design the next step is that we test out the lanyard thoroughly to see how it can be improved or not. Then once all the test results are back we ask  for you as the client to come in and to test the lanyard that we developed for you. Once you are happy with the product we will then produce the product in bulk ready for you.

We do suggest that you finally try and test the lanyard in smaller situations or ones not quite the exact conditions you wish to use. Almost with this theory of gently testing the lanyard. Though this is not necessary it is merely a suggestion. To date we have had no faults with our lanyards.